2018 Race Dates

Saturday 17th March
Sunday 17th June
Sunday 8th July
Sunday 29th July
Saturday 15th September
Sunday 21st October
Saturday 17th November

Other Important Dates

Perth Supercars
4th - 6th May

2017 State Championship & Silver Star Results

Congratulations to Alex Barboutis for winning our 2017 State Championship. Our now 2-time state champion proved strong throughout the year and managed to keep Sam Dicker just out of reach of the state championship by the end of the last round. 

Congratulations to Mike Folwell on winning the 2017 Silver Star Trophy. Mike showed a strong and consistent season giving him vital points against other competitors. 
State Championship & Silver Star Update

After 4 rounds of our State Championship and with only 2 to go Sam Dicker is out on front by 12 points. Closing behind is Alex Barboutis and Adam Lisle. With such a close gap between first and second it can be anyone's win come the 21st of October.

Leading the Silver Star championship is Mike Folwell followed by Keith Wenban after Stewart Burns went faster than 56.75 seconds three times this year. Stewart Burns moves into the State Championship leaving Mike Folwell in the running to win the Silver Star Championship.

What a Season Opener! March 2017

With the weather not in our favour 10 cars were set with interesting conditions for Qualifying. All cars went out on wets with Sam Dicker setting the pace and grabbing pole position for Race 1. The next 2 races proved challenging and full of action as cars were pushed to their limits and sometimes off the track. Turn one proved a challenge in both Races 1 and 2 which left Aaron Love, Ben Riley, Stewart Burns and Chris Ratty out of the race respectively. The safety car was definitely seen more times than wanted with broken cars needing to be assisted off the track. Race 3 gave 9 drivers a chance to grab all 10 laps in and battle it out.

Race Winners:
Overall - Alex Barboutis
Race 1 - Sam Dicker
Race 2 - Alex Barboutis
Race 3 - Alex Barboutis

End of Year Report - 2016

With 6 races for the year this year proved to be bigger and better than the last. Alex Barboutis was a strong contender for the 2016 state championship throughout the year and also beat the lap in the September Race Meet and now stands at 0:53.6872 which will be hard to beat in the coming years. All drivers brought excellent driving and battles throughout the year and with 12 cars on the grid it was great to watch the action.
Alex Barboutis won the 2016 State Championship and Daniel Ricciardo Perpetual Trophy from Adam Lisle and Ben Riley.

This year a Silver Star trophy was introduced for competitors racing below the 0:56.75 second mark. A three strike rule was put in place and drivers would then be moved into the running for the State Championship. Stewart Burns was leading this championship for the year and had 2 strikes with only one round to go. Stewart Burns won the Silver Star Trophy from Mike Folwell and Derek Burns.

With the F1000 track record for Barbagallo Raceway being set by Jordan Love at 0:54.3312 in July 2015 and consistent 54 second laps from multiple drivers since then it combined with an expanded grid of 12 cars it promises to be an amazing season!

F1000 is now the fastest circuit racing series in WA!

Yes, faster than the superbikes and the v8 supercars by over 1.5 seconds!
An F1000 averages 160km/h around Barbagallo Raceway.

Using 1000cc motorcycle engines producing in excess of 185hp, combined with an ultra light weight, sub 400kg, chassis, full aero and slicks these cars produce amazing, and affordable racing action. Capable of speeds in excess of 220 km/h and extreme corner speeds F1000 provides the perfect stepping stone for those aspiring to make a career in motor racing, or those just looking for the ultimate thrill.
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